Gymnastics in Themyscira

USA Gymnastics is currently in the spotlight for years of allowing a sexual predator to abuse its athletes under the guise of performing medical treatments. As a gymnast of 16 years, I am completely enraged. This incredible sport does not need to be an instrument of abuse and torture against young girls. I know that… Continue reading Gymnastics in Themyscira

Birth Control in Christ’s Kingdom

Birth control can be a difficult subject among Christians. Many Christians have strong beliefs about whether or not to control fertility, and what methods should be used. I want to approach some aspects of this issue: 1) Should Christians limit the number of children they have? 2) Are hormonal contraceptive methods sinful? 3) My own… Continue reading Birth Control in Christ’s Kingdom

Video Games, Gender, and Greed: How Marketing is Hurting Marriages

I used to be angry about the genderization of video games simply because it left me as an outsider. Now I see that gendered marketing has much wider-reaching consequences. It has contributed to a generation of men and women who spend their leisure time doing different things. This is not a case of men and women simply having different interests. The marital fight over video games has been formed over decades by corporate greed and cultural gender stereotypes.